The Power of Daily Ideas

There are different schools on how ideas come about. Author Elizabeth Gilbert believes the creative ones are floating around, waiting for someone to welcome them in and see them to fruition. I [...]


Posting Your Passion on Instagram

This week I’m participating in something called the Insta180 7-Day Instagram Challenge, headed by renowned wedding photographer, Jasmine Star. Each day I receive a prompt about what to post [...]


The Daily Illo: One Month In

In late 2015 I decided to adopt a new game plan for my creative life. It involved a strict morning routine, saying “yes” a lot, and making something everyday. Through the end of [...]


#28toMake, Days 23–28

This last week was the home stretch with #28toMake. There were some great assignments, but I, sadly, didn’t do them. I’ve spent the past week mostly in bed or on the couch battling [...]


#28toMake, Day 22

I liked this day’s prompt quite a bit because it involved photography. We were asked by new CreativeLive prompter, Erik Marinovich, to take a picture of something shiny that we see [...]


#28toMake, Day 19

I’m catching up a bit here. I’ve been doing the #28toMake prompts, but haven’t had a chance to document them all like I had been earlier in the month. I was out of town for the [...]


#28toMake, Day 18

Today’s #28toMake was really interesting. The assignment was to take four sounds—a jackhammer, children playing, waves, and paper crumpling—and visualize them. It was pretty tricky and I [...]


#28toMake, Day 17

Before today I’d heard of tangrams, but never played with one. Turns out they’re a lot of fun. Coming up with some interesting tangram combinations was today’s #28toMake prompt [...]


#28toMake, Day 16

Another fun prompt today: Blackout Poems. This is where you black out the words in a newspaper, magazine, or any printed article, and leave only a few visible to read like a poem. It’s [...]


#28toMake, Days 13, 14, and 15

I spent a long weekend away in Connecticut. But I did manage to do the the #28toMake exercises, which were the same as last weekend—days 6 and 7. The first was the People Mad Lib, and the second [...]


2016, the One-Month Checkup

Just over one month into “Twenty Fixteen,” I thought I’d reflect on my progress. I didn’t consciously set out to change my life this year, but early on I can tell [...]


#28toMake, Day 10

Gesture drawings are always fun. I remember doing them back in art school and really enjoying the ordered chaos of what I saw when I eventually looked down at my paper. And today on


#28toMake, Day 8

Today marked a new week of prompts from CreativeLive. Week One was “celebrating everyday objects through drawing,” and this week is all about line form and texture with Ryan Putnam. [...]


#28toMake, Day 7

Today’s prompt might be the easiest for many people, but I think I find it to be the hardest one so far. It was: do nothing. I find that to be pretty difficult because I always want to be [...]


#28toMake, Day 6

I was wondering what might happen during the weekends throughout February and the #28toMake campaign. After five days of really fun drawing prompts, it looks like Saturdays and Sundays might be a [...]


#28toMake, Day 5

Today is the last day of prompts from illustrator, Kate Bingaman-Burt, and it turned out to be a very helpful, very tricky doozy. We were asked to draw a receipt. This sounds simple—and maybe it [...]