#28toMake, Day 19

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I’m catching up a bit here. I’ve been doing the #28toMake prompts, but haven’t had a chance to document them all like I had been earlier in the month. I was out of town for the three-day Presidents Day weekend, and have been catching up ever since—until I was hit with a 102° fever two days ago.

Anyway, now that I have a bit of time here’s Day 19. The assignment was to make “Notes in the Wild.” The example Lara McCormick gave was “hot.” She wrote it on a Post-it and put it on her head. Hot head. Then put it on her dog. Hot Dog. Then to the stove, which gives it an entirely different meaning.

I had limited time to do this assignment, so I switched it up a bit. Instead of putting one note on several things, I put several notes on one thing—whatever I had sitting around the house. It was my cat, Pinky. So here are the notes I stuck on her. They read as “Cat’s pajamas,” “Cat’s meow,” “Cat on a hot tin roof,” and “Cat got your tongue.”





For Days 20 and 21, they were the standard weekend assignments: “People-Watching Mad-Lib” and “Take a Break.”

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