#28toMake, Day 6

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I was wondering what might happen during the weekends throughout February and the #28toMake campaign. After five days of really fun drawing prompts, it looks like Saturdays and Sundays might be a little less intensive. Today’s was more observational and less hands-on. The project was called “People Mad Libs,” and the idea was to go out into public with a notebook to observe the people we came across. In the notebook we wrote down four things:


I went to a local restaurant, Jackie’s Grillette, where Laura and like to I grab lunch on the weekends. Being there gave me access to a lot of folks, and per the task, I was able to fill in the blanks with what I observed:


Once these things were collected, we were asked to add “The” to the front and turn them into a sentence. Mine turned out to be kind of silly, which might’ve been the goal. Here’s what mine ended up being:


Another fun day down. I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow. There’s still time for you to join in!

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