In an effort to share my photography beyond those who see it now, I’ve opened an Etsy store where I’m selling prints of photos I’ve taken over the past three years. It’s a lot of fun to know that people are seeing and possibly buying my work. Interestingly, that’s not something I would’ve ever imagined doing even one year ago. But the more I look back over the photos I’ve taken, the happier I am with many of them. I don’t imagine I’ll [...]


My Fun New Creative Project: The Nut-Free Vegan

Last year I decided the part-time job I spent my evenings working on wasn’t for me anymore. I wanted spend those hours doing something I found more creatively fulfilling and that had rules I set—not someone else. So on January 1st of 2017 I notified the company that I was leaving. I didn’t know exactly what my new project would be, but I was certain I’d figure it out.


My 2017 To-Do List

Now that 2016 is behind us, I’m ready to take on this new year with drive and a lot of gusto. Last year was really great for me, and I think 2017 can be even better. With that in mind, I’ve made a list of things to accomplish over the next twelve months. I’m not going to call them “resolutions.” Instead, I’ll consider them guidelines by which I can measure how productive and successful my year was when I look back at the start of 2018. I feel confident [...]


How 2016 Made Me Better

To the world in general, 2016 pretty much sucked. We lost David Bowie; we lost Prince; and depending on your political leanings, some say we lost progress here in the U.S. It seemed pretty bleak across the board to almost everybody—even me. But when I turn the lens on myself and look at how the year went for me personally, it’s a very different picture.

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My 2016 Library

This wasn’t my most prolific year when it came to reading. But I feel like what I lacked in volume I made up for in content. Since it was “Twenty Fixteen,” the bulk of what I read outside of my job (where I try to read as much of the content of the books I’m designing for as possible) was probably what you’d call Self Help. I prefer Life Improvement, though. It sounds slightly less corny and I feel it fit better into what my goals were for the year.


How Meditation Helped Me Out of A Funk

Over the past few weeks I’ve had some pretty stressful things happen. One is ongoing and started in late September, and the other was only a few days last week, but they both weighed on me heavily and really threw me off my game. When I stepped back to look at why I was feeling so out of sorts over all of this, something became very clear: I’d fallen out of my daily meditation schedule.


Why You Should Put Yourself Out There

The apartment building Laura and I live in is three floors with three units. We’re on the second. And last night I saw that the downstairs neighbors were moving out. These weren’t the first people to go; that apartment has seemed to have a revolving door over the six years we’ve been there, with five different sets of occupants. What I realized last night was that despite not knowing the current tenants very well, I really liked them. Then I felt a bit of regret because I didn’t try [...]


Marriage, Hiking, and Culture: Three Days in Santa Fe

Back in May, Laura and I took a trip to the southwest, somewhere we don't visit nearly enough, but love so much we decided to make it the destination of one of the most important trips we'd take. We invited our families to join us in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we said, "I do" after being together for thirteen years. After a ton of research and planning (about 90% of which, I'd say, was done by Laura), it all came together perfectly. And even if it went totally wrong, I don't see how such [...]


Weekend in Coastal Connecticut

This past weekend Laura and I took a trip up to Connecticut to visit her parents. They live in Westbrook, a sleepy little fishing town along the coast about a half hour away from New Haven. Dining and visiting the beach seem to be the most popular things to do there, but along the Boston Post Road, there are many other little towns within driving distance that offer quite a lot of other things to try out.


Travel Blogging: Honeymoon Edition

I'm writing from the kitchen bar in our Palm Springs villa. That's the fanciest sentence I've ever made. Laura and I are mid-honeymoon and I'm starting to think back to all of the things we've done over the past week. I have a lot of photos and a lot of stories, so I'm going to try to put them all down on this blog, location by location, and as chronologically as I can recall them being.


Summer of Love—and Travel

I'm always excited for summer because the possibility of getting out of New York and heading somewhere new is so enticing to me. And despite the fact that Laura and I do a lot of trips in October and February historically, there's something about those mid-year months that seem so wide open with the potential to travel.


Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

Today Laura Miller's Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. (Flatiron Books) hits bookstores everywhere. I love this book not only because it's full of amazing vegan recipes that I'm going to make all summer long and probably into the fall—things like Blackberry Chia Muffins, Watermelon Avocado Salad, and Spaghetti Squash Mac and Cheese, to name a few—but also because I art directed its interior design. That's not something I get to do very often these days, so the fact that it was such a fun book and [...]



Following up February's #28toMake daily series of creative prompts (which I blogged about here), CreativeLIVE is back with #30DaysofGenius for the month of May. This one is a little less hands-on, but is still surely essential viewing for anybody who's looking to enhance their creative life—whether it's through art or business. Each morning you'll get a new video in your inbox (they're also on YouTube and all the usual social media platforms) that contains an interview between CreativeLIVE [...]


New Review Up at McSweeney’s

As a vegan I'm a huge fan of Field Roast's substitute meat products. I appreciate that they're grain-based and contain no soy. Not a lot of fake meats can say that. Plus, I love that they're from Seattle, my old (and hopefully future) city. I'd say I eat the company's products maybe once per week. That's probably why I woke up in the middle of the night last month and felt compelled to write a review of their Classic Meatloaf—one of my favorite things ever. I'd had a few silly reviews of [...]