#28toMake, Day 17

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Before today I’d heard of tangrams, but never played with one. Turns out they’re a lot of fun.

Coming up with some interesting tangram combinations was today’s #28toMake prompt from Lara McCormick. I didn’t necessarily make sense of anything that put together in a Gestalt sense. But I did manage to create some interesting abstractions I think—and one that reminded me of the Decepticon logo (OK, that one was Gestalt-y).

File_000 (1)





One interesting thing I noticed as I was working with the tangram’s pieces is that everything is equal—there’s one square and everything else is in pairs—except the tipped over rectangle. This really adds an extra dimension to think about when you’re creating shapes with the puzzle.

I’d love to see other tangram configurations. If you’re working on them, share with me! Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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