#28toMake, Day 9

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Today the prompt from Ryan Putnam was to scribble. That’s easy enough, right? Just get a couple of markers and go nuts? But it didn’t end there. I think the goal was to have Gestalt theory kick in and connect the dots in a sense. We were supposed to find shapes in the random lines and create an organized drawing from it.

For a bit I thought I’d get every person who stopped by my office today to add one line to my sheet of paper. But ultimately I was too busy and while several people did drop in, they were all quick visits. So I took five minutes at lunch with my new Faber Castell PITT Artist pens and set to work. After a few quick lines I spent the rest of the day trying to “see” what was on the paper. While the dark lines are prominent, what I saw were shapes in the lighter yellow lines. Eventually I came to see a cartoon quarterback, arm cocked and ready to throw a pass. So that’s what I depicted:


It’s a silly drawing to be sure. But it was still fun after wracking my brain a bit. I can’t wait to see what’s going to come my way tomorrow.

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