#28toMake, Day 16

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Another fun prompt today: Blackout Poems. This is where you black out the words in a newspaper, magazine, or any printed article, and leave only a few visible to read like a poem. It’s great. And in a cool coincidence, when I Googled the term to find a good link to use above, the first result was blackout poetry from Austin Kleon, whose book, Show Your Work, I’m reading right now and it’s full of these kinds of poems throughout. Maybe that helped me with what I created today.


I had a two-week-old copy of the New York Times Magazine handy, so I worked with that. The story I turned into a poem was originally called, “The Day Before My Daughter Turned 1 Month Old, She Almost Died.” I turned it into “The Day My Daughter Died.” It was interesting to see how the poem evolved as I noticed words throughout. I actually skimmed ahead a bit and found “calorie,” which turned it into a story of eating. In the end, it seems the poem could be interpretive: either the protagonist couldn’t help herself or didn’t want to. She gives in. I love that eight words could create such a vivid and questionable plot. It reminds me a bit of the one-sentence stories we do at Monkeybicycle.

The final poem: “Violet stared at the open calories and swallowed.”

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