#28toMake, Day 4

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Today’s #28toMake prompt from CreativeLive was a fun one, and a bit more complex than previous ones. Rather than drawing a single item, we were asked to do everything in our bag. So, there were a few more things to draw this time around. I kind of cherry-picked a few items because of time. I carry a camera bag with a ton of accessories in it, which would’ve taken quite a bit of time to completely illustrate. So I went with my camera, my notebook, keys, iPhone, headphones, and a microfiber cloth. Not my best attempt, but it was still a lot of fun.


I think I might need some new pens to finish out the month. I’m working with an ultra fine Sharpie, and it just feels like it’s bleeding too much and the lines are too thick. Maybe tomorrow my project will be a little less muddy.

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