#28toMake, Day 8

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Today marked a new week of prompts from CreativeLive. Week One was “celebrating everyday objects through drawing,” and this week is all about line form and texture with Ryan Putnam.

For the first prompt of the week we were asked to download a PDF of 30 blank circles and fill them in. It looks like this:


I found this one a little more time-consuming than most of the tasks from last week. I think it was the idea of coming up with so many round things to fill in the circles. It took me a few minutes here and there throughout most of the day to fill them in.

What I realized in doing this exercise is that I was thinking more about things that already exist—logos, soda can tops, buttons—instead of thinking more “outside the circle” to come up with patterns or completely made-up ideas. That troubles me a bit and makes me feel almost a little Warholian because I’m thinking in products and not completely creating something. Maybe that’s left over from last week though, where we were asked to draw things that already existed. Or, the more likely reason, is that I just think that way. I’m hoping more prompts this week will help me to face problems like today’s circle challenge with a little more free thinking. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here’s today’s results:


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