#28toMake, Day 5

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Today is the last day of prompts from illustrator, Kate Bingaman-Burt, and it turned out to be a very helpful, very tricky doozy. We were asked to draw a receipt. This sounds simple—and maybe it is to everyone except me—but it involves a lot of lettering, which is the part of illustration I struggle with the most. But of course, I was happy to take on the challenge:


I’m not the kind of person who keeps a lot of receipts, which means I had to go out and buy something. Because I’m enjoying this week of daily drawing so much, I’ve decided to continue on with it indefinitely. This means I’ll need better tools than an ultra fine Sharpie (this is what I’ve used thus far and, while I like it for writing, I don’t love it for drawing) and a spiral notebook. So I went to the Blick Art Supplies store down the block from my office and picked up these great pens and drawing notebook:


Now I had a receipt, and made today’s assignment totally meta. I drew the receipt for the tools (though I didn’t plan out the space very well and ended up running out of room at the end) I was using to make the drawing. Whoa, that’s mind-blowing. OK, not really. But it did allow me to come up with some extra text to include on my drawing. Adding things like that is something I’m trying to do a bit more of as I go further with these works. Plus, now I feel better prepared for whatever prompts tomorrow and beyond hold.

On a side note, because I tend to invest quickly and deeply in things I find and enjoy, I read up on Kate Bingaman-Burt today and discovered the lecture below. She discusses her projects and the importance of automated rule systems and automated projects, which I see this daily drawing experience as. These are engaging and rewarding, and also allow you to easily create something everyday—one of my musts.

Check out Bingaman-Burt’s site and learn a little more about her work. It’s super fun. And also, check out the Creative Mornings website, which I’m totally obsessed with after seeing her lecture. Lots of inspiring things on there!

And if you’re not already signed up for CreativeLive‘s #28toMake project, it’s not too late! Do it here and have some fun.

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