My Fun New Creative Project: The Nut-Free Vegan

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Last year I decided the part-time job I spent my evenings working on wasn’t for me anymore. I wanted spend those hours doing something I found more creatively fulfilling and that had rules I set—not someone else. So on January 1st of 2017 I notified the company that I was leaving. I didn’t know exactly what my new project would be, but I was certain I’d figure it out.

Also on the first day of the new year I started listening to a daily podcast from Chris Guillebeau called Side Hustle School. Each day the 7–10 minute episode tells the story of someone who began a side project and turned it into something lucrative. It was exactly what I needed, not because I wanted to turn a huge profit—though making at least a bit of money to cover the costs of what I’m doing would be nice—but because it was full of good ideas and creative solutions to problems these people had.

In 2016 I read a lot of books on self-betterment, and I took advice from incredibly successful people. One thing almost all of them had in common was that they got to where they are by scratching their own itch. Richard Branson, for instance, couldn’t get a flight to the Virgin Islands and was stranded at an airport, so he chartered a plane and sold $29 tickets to other stranded passengers. Hence, Virgin Airlines was born.

So what was the itch I needed to scratch?

Something I love doing is cooking. I make dinner for my wife and me nearly every single night. I see it as art! I’m vegan, so it’s a lot of fun making new things and coming up with recipes to suit that diet. But one problem I ran into a lot of was having to substitute things for nuts, to which I’m allergic. I couldn’t find any websites out there devoted specifically to vegan recipes for people with nut allergies. That’s when The Nut-Free Vegan came to me. I decided to create the site I couldn’t find anywhere else—to scratch my own itch. (Also, it gives me a chance to hone my food photography skills, which is so much fun!)

I’ve spent the past month creating and photographing recipes and designing a website specifically for this group of people who didn’t have a place to go before. It launches today and I couldn’t be more excited. Whether you’re vegan, allergic to nuts, or both—or if you just like simple, really good food—I encourage you to check out the site. I’ve put a lot of myself into it and have had a lot of fun building it. Hopefully it’ll bring as much happiness to people who read it and recreate the recipes as it has to me.

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