In an effort to share my photography beyond those who see it now, I’ve opened an Etsy store where I’m selling prints of photos I’ve taken over the past three years. [...]


My 2017 To-Do List

Now that 2016 is behind us, I’m ready to take on this new year with drive and a lot of gusto. Last year was really great for me, and I think 2017 can be even better. With that in mind, [...]


Coming Soon: New Blog Action

If you scroll through this page you’ll see that my last post was in 2012. For a while I’d moved onto blogging at a film design site that I created. But now I’m back here, and [...]


My Liquid Diet: The Finish Line

I am now at the end of day three. Today was much easier than I thought it would be. Day two seemed to be kind of a transition between solid foods and liquids. I think my body had some time [...]


My Year That Was

I don’t think I’ve ever written something to sum up a year in my life before, and I feel like I kind of abandoned this blog a few months back. But now that it’s officially [...]