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Nut-Free Vegan Calabacitas Tacos

A recent dish on The Nut-Free Vegan site: Calabacitas Tacos.

Wow! I just checked to see when the last post I put up was, and it was mid-February! That’s quite a long time to go radio silent, but to be fair, I’ve been very busy.

Since beginning what I hope to turn into a pretty good side hustleThe Nut-Free Vegan—in February, most of my off-hours have gone into building it up. My NFV schedule kind of looks like this:

Weekends: Make two or more recipes, stage and photograph them.
Every day: Work to build the project’s social media following on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
As often as I can: Read cookbooks for both recipe and photo inspiration.
Also as often as I can: Try to write down ten new recipe ideas—this happens once or twice each week.

So there’s a lot to it. It’s been a ton of fun to build it up and see it reach more people. Hopefully, I’ll put together a cookbook at some point, too.


Laura and Kelly after the Los Angeles Marathon

Laura and our friend Kelly at the finish line of the Los Angeles Marathon. Laura ran to check off an item from her My Father’s List project.

When I’m not working on The Nut-Free Vegan I’m supporting my wife’s amazing project, My Father’s List. If you’re not aware of this please check it out. It’s incredibly inspiring and smile-inducing. I’ve written about it here before, but to save you from trying to track down the synopsis, here’s the gist: Laura’s father was killed in a car crash by a distracted driver on her cell phone. Since then Laura has not only become a safe driving advocate who works with local organizations around the country and also attends meetings in Washington D. C., but she also found her dad’s bucket list—on which he’d only crossed off a few of the 60 items. Now, she’s finishing the remaining items for him and learning a lot along the way. Most of the things on the list involve travel, so for the past six months we’ve been all over the map: Asheville, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Boston. Later this month she’s headed to Georgia to meet president Jimmy Carter as part of the project, and then we’re off to Tucson for a bike race fundraiser for safe driving advocacy. Needless to say, this takes up a lot of time!

You can imagine that It’s been tough finding time to write. But I’m committing to posting here at least once per week from this point forward. It’s a lot of fun and helpful to me (and hopefully you, too). That’s one goal of several I’ve created for myself. I’m toying with the idea of creating monthly goal posts, so if I do I’ll run down all of them and we’ll see how I make out with a look back during the next month.

Until then, please keep checking back here for updates, including helpful posts, photos from Laura’s and my travels and anything else I think might be interesting or helpful.

Happy August!



Featured Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash
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