How 2016 Made Me Better

To the world in general, 2016 pretty much sucked. We lost David Bowie; we lost Prince; and depending on your political leanings, some say we lost progress here in the U.S. It seemed pretty bleak [...]


Travel Blogging: Honeymoon Edition

I'm writing from the kitchen bar in our Palm Springs villa. That's the fanciest sentence I've ever made. Laura and I are mid-honeymoon and I'm starting to think back to all of the things we've [...]


Summer of Love—and Travel

I'm always excited for summer because the possibility of getting out of New York and heading somewhere new is so enticing to me. And despite the fact that Laura and I do a lot of trips in October [...]


DAILY ILLO: 04.02.2016

Today’s illustration has some meaning behind it. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so my doodle is of a bracelet given out by End Distracted Driving, an organization [...]


New Year, New Kicks

I'm very excited that, after a two month hiatus filled with sitting in front of a computer and piling on a few pounds (Thanksgiving didn't help), I'm back to running this weekend.


My Year That Was

I don’t think I’ve ever written something to sum up a year in my life before, and I feel like I kind of abandoned this blog a few months back. But now that it’s officially 2012, [...]