New Year, New Kicks

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I’m very excited that, after a two month hiatus filled with sitting in front of a computer and piling on a few pounds (Thanksgiving didn’t help), I’m back to running this weekend. The soles of my old shoes—Onitsuka Tigers—wore completely through, so I had to throw them out and couldn’t hit the road anymore. For two years, which isn’t bad for vegan shoes, they served me well. Their replacements, Saucony Jazz Low Pros, arrived today and I’m eager to get back out there.

I started running a few years ago (I wrote about that here) and soon after took a break out of laziness and the uphill battle that is asthma. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I really got back into it and stayed vigilant. For the entire summer I was running two to four days per week, lost twelve pounds, and could actually make it up all eleven flights of stairs to my office at work.

At the same time, my fiancé was running as well. Though she was a bit more into it—participating in 5Ks, half-marathons, and eventually the New York City Marathon last month (she wrote a bit about that here). It was inspiring to say the least, and kept me on track. After the marathon she dialed it back a bit and I realize now that that also made it easy for me to justify not running. Lame.

Now I’m excited to jump back into it. A soon-to-be new year, new shoes, and a rekindled desire to get back in shape. Can’t wait.

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