Oh, Get LOST With All Your Naysaying.

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I wasn’t too surprised when I found out this morning that the series finale of Lost‘s ratings last night were high, but not outrageous. It seems to me that the show has always always done what it’s wanted to do and Occam’s Razor came into play when the storylines started flying off into some odd places. Fans dropped off and only the die-hards remained. And judging from the mixed responses I’ve seen to the finale online last night and this morning, if there were another episode, maybe half of those die-hards might’ve moved on, too.

It makes me really sad when I see so many negative things being said about something that obviously can’t appease everyone. This show had so many characters, so many complexities, that you couldn’t expect the writers to tie up every single loose end to the satisfaction of each viewer out there. You didn’t like the finale because it wasn’t wrapped up in a neat little package for you? So what? Before hitting the internet with all the comments about how let down you are, or how awful these writers are, take a second to think about what they’ve done for you over the last six years. If you made it to the end, it’s because you were invested in it. And these writers are the reason for that. (Here’s a good article in Wired magazine to help remind you. ) Think about the series as a whole instead of just the finale where you feel like all of your questions weren’t answered. That’s the cool thing about this show! There is always mystery there, always something still unanswered. Interpret it as you will, make up your own theories. But don’t jump ship because you have to use your brain and your imagination for just a little longer. Lost was great from start to finish, and if you look back on it in 20 years, I don’t think there will be another show which was so deliciously confusing, and there certainly won’t be another show that opens up a dialogue the way this one did. Be thankful you had it.

And hey, if you’re sad that Lost is over and looking for something new, check out Fringe, J.J. Abrams’ other incredible show. It’s got alternate universes too!

Lastly: if you’re still jonesing for some Lost tidbits and insight, you should definitely check out Laura Carney‘s blog, Lost’s Last Call, at the OK! Magazine website.

OK, really lastly: Whether you’re a fan of Lost or not, you should watch this great talk J.J. Abrams gave at the TED conference. It’s totally inspiring and fun:


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