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Inspired by my time doing CreativeLive‘s #28toMake project—and especially the first week, taught by Kate Bingaman Burt—I’ve decided to continue on with daily drawings of random things. I’m sharing the work through an Instagram account called @DailyIllo. I’m hoping some patterns will emerge with what I’m drawing, because at this point it’s just willy-nilly—I’m drawing whatever happens to be around me.

Much of my life was spent drawing until about ten years ago. I think when I started to get into computer-based graphic design I kind of put the hand-drawn art aside. It wasn’t until this #28toMake project brought it back out of me that I realized how much I missed it. The feeling of pen to paper is so much better than sitting in front of a screen.


@DailyIllo is a companion to my other Instagram accounts, @stevenseighman and @pinkypolydactyl—an account I update daily with a photo of my cat. Sharing things like this is a lot of fun, and as the following grows I’m even more inspired to make sure I’m actually posting things everyday. So please, follow along and hold me accountable! I’m not sure what direction @DailyIllo will take, but so far it seems to be just daily documentation. I’m excited to see what happens.


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