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Last year I wrote about the 30 Days of Genius video series from Chase Jarvis and CreativeLive. It was one month of conversations with successful artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, and it had a huge influence on how great my 2016 was. Now, those conversations are being released in podcast form on the Chase Jarvis Live Show (which you can subscribe to here) and I’m revisiting all of these talks. They’re all super inspiring, but just as when I watched them before, as I listen there’s one that still sticks out the most to me.

The guest, James Altucher, is an author, businessman, podcaster, and vagabond, whose style I really love. It’s clear that he thinks differently than most people, and his insatiable curiosity often causes him to interrupt people to get to the bottom of things. I kind of love that.

The discussion moves from taking risks and failing quickly to cut your losses, to exercising your idea muscle by writing down ten bad ideas each day (something I do and have written about here). There’s a lot more in there about business, creativity, and daily habits, too.

I’m not going to write a blog post for every episode of this show that I’ve taken a great deal away from, because that would be every single one of them. But this one is especially helpful—at least to me—so I wanted to share it. Here’s the link.

Also, I highly recommend picking up some of James Altucher’s books. Choose Yourself! and The Power of No are both amazing. They were on my reading list last year and each helped me a great deal. I just bought his new book, Reinvent Yourself, too, which I imagine will have a similar effect when I dive into it.


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