How 2016 Made Me Better

To the world in general, 2016 pretty much sucked. We lost David Bowie; we lost Prince; and depending on your political leanings, some say we lost progress here in the U.S. It seemed pretty [...]


2016, the One-Month Checkup

Just over one month into “Twenty Fixteen,” I thought I’d reflect on my progress. I didn’t consciously set out to change my life this year, but early on I can tell [...]


The New Year

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions. I don’t see much use in it since I think you can decide on any day of the year that you’re going to do something to [...]


My Liquid Diet: The Finish Line

I am now at the end of day three. Today was much easier than I thought it would be. Day two seemed to be kind of a transition between solid foods and liquids. I think my body had some time [...]


My Liquid Diet: Day Two

Today wasn’t as easy as yesterday was. I felt pretty worn out early in the day and nearly fell asleep on the train this morning. Of course, this could be from foolishly thinking that [...]


My Liquid Diet

No, this isn’t the Mad Men liquid diet of only brown liquor. I recently decided to do a three-day juice cleanse. One reason is to lose weight for some upcoming events I have to attend [...]

I’m (Going to Be) A Runner

One of the items on my bucket list (yes, I actually have one) is to run a marathon. I think a lot of people aspire to do this. My girlfriend asked me why I think running a marathon is such a [...]