My Liquid Diet: Day Two

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Today wasn’t as easy as yesterday was. I felt pretty worn out early in the day and nearly fell asleep on the train this morning. Of course, this could be from foolishly thinking that running last night was a good idea. Or it could be because our noisy neighbors woke me up at 3AM with their loud, drunken nonsense (Though despite their noise, I had a very restful sleep, I think, because of the cleanse. We’ll see if tonight is just as good). But I think the cleanse had something to do with it too.

After having two of my morning juices, I felt slightly better. But by the afternoon, it seemed like I was in a weird haze where I couldn’t really think clearly. This resulted in not being able to properly communicate when I needed to. Luckily, I don’t talk to anyone for most of the day. And my energy was incredibly low—almost to the point where I fell over at Barnes & Noble on my lunch break. It was then that I considered turning this into a two-day cleanse.

My girlfriend got out of work early, which I consider to be some sort of sign from above, because she is doing the cleanse too, and being able to ride the train home with her really gave me the comradery that I needed to keep going.

At home, we had our final juice of the day, along with some vegetable broth. This put a little bit of spring back into my step, and any doubt I had about toughing it out through tomorrow is now gone. I spent the evening replenishing our juices for tomorrow (As tough as it is to do a juice cleanse, it’s even harder to actually prep all the fruits and vegetables and actually do the juicing. It almost makes paying three times the cost worthwhile the next time around.), and now I have to call it a night and we’ll see what tomorrow morning holds.

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