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No, this isn’t the Mad Men liquid diet of only brown liquor. I recently decided to do a three-day juice cleanse. One reason is to lose weight for some upcoming events I have to attend where I’ll need to wear a suit and would prefer not to be bloated and gross. And the other reason is just to do some spring cleaning. It feels like a good time to detoxify and start fresh for the warm months. I’ve tried the Master Cleanse before, but quickly gave up on it. It wasn’t that it didn’t do what it was supposed to do, but I think I just need more ingredients in my juice to sustain for more than one day. I’d looked into a few professional cleanses around NYC—the Blue Print Cleanse, Organic Avenue, Terri (one of my favorite vegan go-to places for lunch)—and they were all out of my price range, coming it at between $65-$75 per day. So after doing a good deal of research, I found (or, compiled, really) a plan that seems to achieve a lot of what those other cleanses do. And at a fraction of the cost. To buy all the vegetables I needed I only spent about $60 (and this is for two people, as my girlfriend is also doing the cleanse with me. So I really only spent about $30). I’d love to be able to afford one of those other cleanses so I don’t have to do all the actual juicing myself—but I think most of the ingredients are very comparable and will provide everything I need.

My regimen consists of six juice concoctions throughout the day. One every three or four hours. They mostly consist of things like lemons, kale, celery, cucumbers, and limes. But full recipes will come later. Thank god my parents gave me a juicer for Christmas several years ago. I will post the full recipes after day three, when I have time to gather them up.

Now, onto the cleanse:



This one was a breeze, I’m guessing, because my body was still living off the nutrients from the solid food I’d eaten in previous days. This was yesterday and I had no problems at all. I was energetic and clear all day long. I even went for a half-hour run in the evening. It wasn’t until later at night that I started to get a bit hungry. But then I went to bed and it didn’t really bother me anyway. I also lost 2-3 pound of what I assume is pure water weight.


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  • Sharon McGill

    I do a 1-day juice fast every now and then–it’s invigorating and feels good. I make my own juices, so it’s easy and cheap. You just have to have a good balance of veggies & fruit. Good luck with the 3-day diet! I don’t think I could go even that long. . .

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