#28toMake, Day 11

 In Creativity, Inspiration

Today on #28toMake, we got to draw doodles on photographs. When I saw the examples Ryan Putnam showed in the video, I immediately thought of the work of KAWS, who does some pretty prominent photo doodles like this one.

I wanted to use a photo I took, so I grabbed a recent one of my cat, Pinky. She’s cleaning her paw in it, so I thought I’d attach an ice cream cone. That didn’t work out as I’d hoped because her face is too close to her paw, so I needed something smaller and landed on lollipop. I wanted to add more to the photo, so it occurred to me that I could turn Pinky into the owl from the old Tootsie Pop commercials, and add the little boy at the bottom with Liquid Paper. I didn’t go overboard with the doodling, but I think it’s effective and very fun (and shows my age).


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