Winter Storm Jonas Weekend Photo Roundup

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I didn’t get into the city this weekend because the trains were shut down, so I didn’t get any big city snow shots. I was able to capture a few things before I left on Friday though that aren’t terrible—no snow or anything, but some of the usual NYC photos. I did brave the elements to clop around my neighborhood in Upper Montclair on Saturday and Sunday for a bit though, and managed to get a few decent snow shots.

Jonas was a crazy storm. We were essentially snowed in on Saturday morning. After a bit of shoveling, it was off to fight the elements. The snow kept coming though, so by the time we woke up on Sunday, everything I’d done on Saturday was covered over and I had to begin again. I’m hoping there aren’t any more of these storms this year. Dealing with them is a pain. For the past few years where there’s been a big snowfall, we were in Los Angeles and only had to deal with a bit of the aftermath when we got back. This time we rode out the whole thing. Here are a few of the photos I made:


Flatiron party

Laura walking

Snow walker

Dude walking



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