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I used to be a pretty big sports fan. From my time in high school throughout my mid-twenties, I played both hockey and basketball on local teams, and I even played a little weekend baseball every now and then with some friends–one of which went on to get drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. But for the past ten years or so, my love of sports faded away as I began to find other things to fill my time. I tried for a while to keep up with basketball, but once the Sonics left Seattle, I gave up on the NBA altogether and told myself I’d never watch another game. It seems to be a selfish and flamboyant game now anyway. I still come and go with baseball. Every year I do my best to follow what the Mariners and Phillies are doing. So far so good this year, though the season is still in its infancy. Seeing the Ms drop four in a row makes me wonder if I’ll want to stick it out for another five months, but I’m going to try.

I think the main thing that has replaced my love of sports over the years is the entertainment industry. I seem to be more interested in who is getting cast in what movie or TV show than who got traded to which team. So, I think finding a way to combine the two things would be ideal. It would be in line with what I’ve been interested in lately, and also maybe rekindle my fondness for sports. Enter The B.S. Report.

My girlfriend’s brother has been telling me for a year or two now about Bill Simmons. He’s a writer for ESPN who puts out books and runs a podcast called The B.S. Report that seems to do exactly what I was talking about in that last paragraph: it marries sports and entertainment. I’ve been lazy with tracking down the podcast and actually listening to it despite my girlfriend’s brother’s continued recommendation. But last week, while all of us were in Florida, he played a two-part episode of the show that delved deep into a pop culture topic that my girlfriend and I have been obsessed with lately: Beverly Hills 90210. Soapnet has been airing all the episodes of this fantastic show in order, four at a time, each weekend for the past several months and we’ve been riveted. I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia from when I was in high school and the show was originally airing, or if it’s just the irony of watching it now, twenty years later (or maybe the comedy of a time when so many problems could’ve been avoided if cell phones or the internet existed), but I just can’t get enough of it. That’s why hearing a two-hour discussion about it sold me on The B.S. Report.

I’ve yet to go back and catch up on the past episodes of the podcast, but just looking over the guest list (such diverse names as Chuck Klosterman, Jalen Rose, Adam Corolla, Steve Nash, Chris Connelly, Bill Hader) and the topics (also diverse: The Oscars, The New York Knicks, Nic Cage’s career, Lost, The Michigan Wolverines), I’m super excited to dive in further. Now that my laptop completely kicked the bucket and my movie watching is at a standstill, I think The B.S. Report is the perfect stand-in. And hopefully it’ll keep my interest in baseball piqued for the rest of the season, too.

If you like sports and/or pop culture, you can check out The B.S. Report here. Or subscribe through iTunes here.

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