Veganism: One Year In

I might have an addictive personality, and this isn’t necessarily bad. The things I find myself wrapped up in are generally good, or at least not harmful to me or anyone else. For example: [...]


Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

Last week I reported that Transformers: Dark of the Moon was one of the laziest, most unentertaining films I’ve seen in a long time. After subjecting myself to that, I needed a palate [...]


Movie Review: Green Lantern

When I was a kid and spending my allowance on comic books every week, I was always very eager to get my hands on the latest copy of Green Lantern. Looking back, I’m not sure what it was [...]


Movie Review: Priest

I usually like comic/graphic novel movie adaptations. Especially when I’ve read the print version, which is a lot of the time. I never read the manga book of Priest though, so I [...]


Movie Review: Thor

Of all the Avengers superheroes, Thor has always been the least appealing to me. I’m not sure what it is, but I just never got that excited about anything the character was involved in. The [...]


Movie Review: Fast Five

Against my better judgement, I headed out to the movie theater to see Fast Five this weekend. I prefer going during the week because there usually aren’t as many people, and I knew the [...]


Movie Review: Hanna

FInally got a chance to see Hanna in the theater. I’d been excited about this film because even from the trailer I could tell there was a much different feel to it than most things out [...]


Earth Month Movies

There have been a lot of really compelling documentaries about environmental and social concerns over the past few years–some of them even getting Oscar nominations and wins (The Cove, [...]


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It’s not too often that I have my Sundays free–I’m usually either working on something for my job, trying to drum up some freelance income, or doing something around the new [...]