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It’s not too often that I have my Sundays free–I’m usually either working on something for my job, trying to drum up some freelance income, or doing something around the new apartment. But on the rare occasion when I can spend my day of rest actually resting, there is always a lovely present waiting for me, and it’s wrapped in a TV-shaped box.

I grew up on movies, and I feel very fortunate to have been a child of the 80s and 90s. Never was there a better time for really good, bad movies. In the 80s, there were all the over-the-top, ten-million-bullets-and-not-one-of-them-hits-the-protagonist, action movies–which shaped up a bit and carried over into the next decade–the screwball comedies, and the ridiculous horror movies with the unstoppable killers. In the 90s, stories toned down a bit and production value went up for the most part, but there were still some really bad movies coming out of Hollywood. And even from 2000 to the present day, movies continue to grow–in budget, quality, and story–the industry is still rife with B- and C-movies. Thank goodness.

All of these bad movies–whether they were blockbusters or straight-to-video bombs–have a home on basic cable on Sunday afternoons. Some people spend their day of rest going to church, enjoying a family outing, or catching up on their household to-do lists. Me, when I can, I sit in front of the TV and I spend hours upon hours flipping through a select few stations, looking for the worst entertainment I can find. I’m not ashamed of this. There’s something about it that maybe takes me back to when I was young, or maybe I’m just as appreciative of bad films as I am of the really good ones. That’s probably the case. But whatever the reason, I know there’s always going to be something there for me on Sundays, whenever I’m ready for it.

The stations that are home to this mind-numbing entertainment are programmed into a Favorites list on my cable box called “Sundays”. That way, I don’t have to bother with all the nonsense of other channels; I can get right to the good stuff. TNT, SyFy, TBS, Comedy Central, and even AMC. These are the digital erasers of my mornings, afternoons, and sometimes even evenings. They are most likely just filling in space between the early morning paid programming and their prime time tentpole shows, but that’s where the magic happens. Just take a look at a few selections from next Sunday:

Comedy Central: Office Space
SyFy: Aliens
TBS: Just Friends
TNT: Taladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Old School
USA: Barbershop

Incredible, right? This weekend seems to be front-loaded with comedies, but there’s also classic sci-fi in there, and usually we’ll see a romantic comedy or two, as well as a thriller. Almost all your genres are represented. Also, SyFy has taken to creating its own content recently, airing ridiculously bad movies that involve over-sized, blood-thirsty animals, dinosaurs, and whatever else they can think up. The special effects are purposely bad, and I think that’s because they know what they’re making; content for that time when I sit and marvel at just how bad movies can really be. So, my thinking must not be singular; there have to be a lot of other people out there who love to waste time with really bad art, and the occasional cult favorite.

I’ve always prided myself on finding at least a morsel of quality in even the worst film–hell, I own Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo–so maybe that’s why I can spend an entire day watching nonsense while the rest of the world is out living. But I make no apologies for it. Sometimes i think this mindless, awful entertainment is just what I need to recharge my batteries before I go back into the world of trying to create things that are just the opposite on Monday morning.

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