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You’ve probably seen or heard about this site. It’s nothing more than a virtual bulletin board that you can share with people. I can’t quite explain why this concept is so appealing, but it is. You find things online that you like, “pin” them to your page, and then people can comment/share/like what you’ve added.

I’ve spent way too many evenings wasting time on the internet so that I can beef up my pinboards. Mine is pretty much just a list of things I like or want. That, and a pinboard of screencaps from Beverly Hills 90210, which my girlfriend curates (we’ve been slowly making our way through all ten seasons of that show. God knows why) and seems to be more popular than everything else the two of us have posted collectively.

The site is fun, obviously, and I think it will continue to catch on. You can join the fun by getting an invite here. And, if you’re into 90210 or art and expensive gadgets, follow me here.

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