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Every book designer has an idea that didn’t make the cut, no matter how great it was. I know I do. There are a lot of people who need to sign off on them: publishers, authors, marketing departments, agents, to name a few. This means there are a lot of great book covers sitting around on computers and in designers’ offices that will never see the light of day. Or, they wouldn’t have until the New York Times got a hold of them.

Killed Covers is a show of exactly what the name says: book covers that got axed. Some of the biggest names in book design have works involved in the project, including Chip Kidd, John Gall, Jon Gray, Barbara DeWilde, and tons of others. It gives you a pretty cool idea about how covers develop from one concept to the final product when you look at some of the covers to books you know, but might not recognize. Check them out here.

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