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Like most people, I have a long history of inbox clutter. There are constant mailing list emails I don’t remember signing up for, advertisements from companies I’ve made purchases through, Deadline Hollywood news updates, and, occasionally, an email from a human with actual substance to it. Keeping my head above water with email has been a grueling task—especially since I have several email accounts that I need to maintain—to the point where I had to change my address and start new. The online equivalent of faking my death, I suppose.

As I’ve declared on this blog several times, 2016 is a year of making positive changes and being super productive for me. With that in mind I set out to find the most productive apps and programs for my computer. Many of them that I found involved blocking the internet for periods of time to eliminate distraction. I’m kind of guilty of wasting time online, but not very much. So I skipped over them and went straight to Unroll Me, a service that scans your inbox to find subscriptions and walks you through leaving them as they are, unsubscribing from them, or collecting them all into a single digest email. I chose the latter, and now the 35 emails I used to have to sort through all day long are sent to me each morning in a neat little package. I can’t tell you how much time it saves me, and what relief I feel from not having that inbox overload crushing me everyday.

So if you’re buried under a pile of email, consider checking out Unroll Me. You might find yourself with an extra twenty minutes everyday to do something else. Here’s their pitch video:

If you have any tips on other productivity apps and services, let me know in the comments. I’m eager to be even more productive.

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