I Know Where America Will Be Next Weekend

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It’s early in the sales cycle, but I just read that Iron Man 2 has already sold five times the amount of tickets that the first film did at this point. That movie earned $98 million in its domestic opening weekend. At this rate, it could be on track for almost $500 million, which far surpasses the current record holder, The Dark Knight. That film raked in a cool $158 million in it’s first weekend. I doubt this momentum will keep up quite so strongly, but either way it seems like this film is going to kick a lot of box office booty next weekend.

I’m pretty excited about Iron Man 2, as I am about most movies (except Human Centipede!). I’ve really enjoyed the recent comic adaptations, and even though I’d prefer a little more originality in Hollywood, I love all the tie-ins that the Marvel films are incorporating. In Iron Man, we supposedly got a look at Captain America’s shield (Chris Evans was recently cast as Steve Rogers in The First Avenger: Captain America), were introduced to Nick Fury, and in The Incredible Hulk, Tony Stark made an appearance after the credits. I’ve also heard mention of a pretty rad easter egg at the end of Iron Man 2 as well, where we’re introduced to another Marvel character who will be getting their own film soon. Hopefully, all of these Marvel comic movies are leading up to one really big Avengers finale. And with any luck, Marvel won’t over-saturate the cineplex before then and kill the interest. They’ve got a good thing going if they don’t get greedy and ruin it. And if they can keep it away from that god-awful 3-D hoopla.

Have you seen a screening of Iron Man 2 yet? I’m anxious to hear what people think of it. Hit me up in the comments section!

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