How Meditation Helped Me Out of A Funk

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Over the past few weeks I’ve had some pretty stressful things happen. One is ongoing and started in late September, and the other was only a few days last week, but they both weighed on me heavily and really threw me off my game. When I stepped back to look at why I was feeling so out of sorts over all of this, something became very clear: I’d fallen out of my daily meditation schedule.

My morning routine is something I need to keep me balanced. When I’m not doing it things don’t go as well in my life overall. And during the past few weeks I’ve become very lazy with it, especially the biggest component: meditation.

It didn’t dawn on me until my stress level was so high that I was getting migraines: duh, you’re not meditating! On the train home from Manhattan one day the pain became so searing that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So when I got home I immediately turned on my Insight Timer app and sat for twenty minutes.

I practice Transcendental Meditation, so that’s the bulk of what is required: sitting. I chant my mantra internally, but overall just sitting and being calm made all the difference in the world. By the time I got up my headache had dissipated, and it was completely gone the next morning. This was from a single session!

That day reminded me that meditation—at least for me—is essential. No matter what kinds of adversity I’m facing in my day, when I take the time to sit in the morning and evening and meditate—and it’s not always the full twenty minutes; sometimes it’s ten and there are still amazing benefits—they are a lot easier to deal with.

I invite all of you to give meditation a try. TM is my practice of choice, but there are also great guided meditation apps out there like Headspace and Calm that can walk you through your sessions and help you to ease into a practice. I think even if you do it once a week, you’ll see great results and be happy you took twenty minutes out of your busy life to help make the rest of it easier.

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