#28toMake: How CreativeLive Turned My Creativity Into A Daily Habit

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With January having been one of my best ever as far as creativity and living with intent, the folks at CreativeLive decided to keep that record rolling through February for me by launching #28toMake, a daily prompt to create the habit of making something everyday. I was already becoming more conscious of doing this—it’s even one of the things I check off on my Habit List app each day—but getting videos about what to make is always helpful for me. So as soon as I got an email about #28toMake on February 1st, I was all in.

The first week was very exciting and really set things in motion for me both inside and outside of the program. With exercises from the fantastic illustrator, Kate Bingaman Burt, I got really inspired to start drawing again. This is something I’ve done for most of my life, but had kind of put aside over the past ten years. So getting a kick in the butt to pick it back up felt incredible. I’ve even committed to drawing something everyday (in addition to taking a photograph everyday and whatever else I can do), and have even launched a new Instagram account called @DailyIllo to make sure it’s out there in the world and I’m accountable. It’ll start on March 1st.

I’d say week one of #28toMake was a huge success.

Week two had a lot of fun assignments in it as well. Things like an Exquisite Corpse and drawing over existing photographs really fueled my creativity. I did some of them kind of hurriedly and wish I’d had more time, but still managed to squeeze everything in and have a good time.

Looking back on week three I’m loving it more and more. Lara McCormick‘s prompts abandoned drawing and illustration for other really interesting ideas about how to create: blackout poems (which I’ve come to love thanks to Austin Kleon), tangrams, and visualizing sounds on paper. Super great.

That brings us to week four, in which I completely dropped the ball. I did the first assignment, and had every intention of doing all of them. But I was down and out in bed all week with the flu and a 100º+ temperature. On the days when my fever subsided, I tried foolishly to go to work and eliminate the mountain of books I have waiting to be designed. This just made things worse. So the entire week was spent feeling awful and basically waiting for the sweet release of death. I’m feeling much better now though, and am hoping to go back and finish the prompts I didn’t get to finish. But I still wanted to write this wrap-up now to reflect on it all.

So what did I learn from #28toMake? I think the biggest thing I took away from it is that I need to be drawing a lot more. I’m so rusty at it that I don’t love anything I’ve done during the month. But it’s just a muscle I need to retone in order to get back to where I used to be.

The other thing I learned was—and I think this was the idea behind the project—that taking time to make something everyday is imperative to your creativity. Like my drawing, if you’re not making things everyday those muscles will atrophy. As I mentioned before I was actively trying to create something everyday prior to this project. But that intent was still kind of new for me, so #28toMake really helped me to make it something concrete in my daily routine.

I thought blogging about the experience everyday was a good way to create one additional thing each time out. I don’t know if anybody actually read my posts (you can find them all here), but I had a lot of fun sharing all of it nonetheless. I do know that it reached some folks: My fiancé’s sister-in-law told me she was following along and gave some of the assignments to her kids to do. Hearing that might’ve been the most exciting part of the whole month for me because not only did it mean somebody was actually paying attention to my blog (a rarity), but also that kids who didn’t know about it were learning how to create something everyday. There’s nothing better than that.

I really want to thank Chase Jarvis and CreativeLive. #28toMake (and the three live photography classes I sat in on through their website in the past few weeks!) really helped me to step up my creativity game, and I look forward to carrying that forward everyday, always.

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  • lara

    We put together #28toMake not knowing if people would actually follow along, and they did! I’ve enjoyed watching you post your projects and this blog post really highlights what it’s all about – making stuff. Thank you!

  • Steven

    Thanks for following along, Lara. And thanks for helping to kickstart my creativity!

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