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Has anyone else noticed a trend in type-over-the-face movie posters recently? Seeing the new one-sheet for Thor over the weekend got me to thinking about it a bit.


I can remember seeing a poster for Michael Clayton back in 2007 and actually liking the way it looked with the “The Truth Can Be Adjusted” tagline over a blurred out image of Clooney. There, it seemed to make sense and was relatively unique (though, obviously this isn’t the first time it was done). But now, even so far this year I’ve seen several of these types of posters online and in theater lobbies and they almost never seem to work very well.


Morning Glory, is a perfect example of this. It features a split-complimentary-colored type treatment over grayscale cast shots and everything seems muddled together. It’s almost impossible to read.


Then there was The Adjustment Bureau with that type justification. This one, too, seems difficult to read with the white lettering on a grayed out cast image in the background. I remember seeing this on a jumbo lobby display and thinking, “Ack!”.


Eh, this surely isn’t a “trend” at all. Of the thousands of movie posters that make it into the market each year, maybe two of them are the kind I’m talking about. They just jump out at me and don’t make a lot of sense when I see them so I thought I’d point them out.


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