House of Eternal Return

After our wedding at the beautiful Inn of the Turquoise Bear, but before embarking on a honeymoon tour through the Southwest, Laura and I visited an art installation that everyone we’d met [...]


Weekend in Coastal Connecticut

This past weekend Laura and I took a trip up to Connecticut to visit her parents. They live in Westbrook, a sleepy little fishing town along the coast about a half hour away from New Haven. [...]


Travel Blogging: Honeymoon Edition

I'm writing from the kitchen bar in our Palm Springs villa. That's the fanciest sentence I've ever made. Laura and I are mid-honeymoon and I'm starting to think back to all of the things we've [...]


Summer of Love—and Travel

I'm always excited for summer because the possibility of getting out of New York and heading somewhere new is so enticing to me. And despite the fact that Laura and I do a lot of trips in October [...]


Holiday Travel Photoset

The holidays have been fun this year, starting off with some great office parties that led into a few weeks off. Last week I set out by train from my town of Montclair, New Jersey, to visit my [...]