Putting In the Work . . . Works

Since it’s almost the end of the year I thought I’d take stock in how productive my 2017 has been. Most of my creative energy was spent on The Nut-Free Vegan, a blog I started back in February to [...]


A Triumphant Return!

Wow! I just checked to see when the last post I put up was, and it was mid-February! That’s quite a long time to go radio silent, but to be fair, I’ve been very busy. Since beginning what I hope [...]


Ideas, Experimenting, and Success

Last year I wrote about the 30 Days of Genius video series from Chase Jarvis and CreativeLive. It was one month of conversations with successful artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, and it had a [...]

Starting Out Brave in 2017

Last week I did something pretty big. It was a hard decision to make and I thought quite a bit about not doing it. I sat down at my computer, psyched myself up, and sent an email to my employer [...]


How 2016 Made Me Better

To the world in general, 2016 pretty much sucked. We lost David Bowie; we lost Prince; and depending on your political leanings, some say we lost progress here in the U.S. It seemed pretty bleak [...]


My 2016 Library

This wasn’t my most prolific year when it came to reading. But I feel like what I lacked in volume I made up for in content. Since it was “Twenty Fixteen,” the bulk of what I [...]


The Power of Daily Ideas

There are different schools on how ideas come about. Author Elizabeth Gilbert believes the creative ones are floating around, waiting for someone to welcome them in and see them to fruition. I [...]


Posting Your Passion on Instagram

This week I’m participating in something called the Insta180 7-Day Instagram Challenge, headed by renowned wedding photographer, Jasmine Star. Each day I receive a prompt about what to post [...]


Inbox Efficiency

Like most people, I have a long history of inbox clutter. There are constant mailing list emails I don't remember signing up for, advertisements from companies I've made purchases through, [...]