Haskell Wexler

Up until about a year ago, I was running a film-related blog called The Jump Cut. As a graphic designer, a lot of what appeals to me about Hollywood is visual. Sure, I love the way a film is [...]


My Top 20 Movie Posters of 2015

2015 was a good year for movie posters. Sure, there were the usual suspects with lazy san-serif type treatments, bland, Photoshopped images, and unoriginal character posters. But there were also [...]


Spoiling the Story

There’s a great article on one of my new favorite sites, Grantland, today. It’s called “Are Spoilers Flipping the Script?” and it’s by pop culture analyst, Chuck [...]


Cover That Mug!

Has anyone else noticed a trend in type-over-the-face movie posters recently? Seeing the new one-sheet for Thor over the weekend got me to thinking about it a bit.   I can remember seeing a [...]


Earth Month Movies

There have been a lot of really compelling documentaries about environmental and social concerns over the past few years–some of them even getting Oscar nominations and wins (The Cove, [...]


And the Oscar Goes To…

I’m not much of a sports fan. I liked the NBA until the Sonics left Seattle and then I vowed to never watch a game again. Plus, it just seems like a selfish, egotistical league now. I do [...]


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It’s not too often that I have my Sundays free–I’m usually either working on something for my job, trying to drum up some freelance income, or doing something around the new [...]