Big Day for Social Media Updates

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A handful of changes were announced for the big social media platforms yesterday, and it seems like they’re all for the better. Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram all expanded the capabilities of their platforms in ways that should boost your reach. Here’s the breakdown:

Snapchat: If you’re not on this platform yet, get on there! It’s quickly becoming the go-to spot for marketing and storytelling. And with their latest update they’ve enhanced the user experience by making it easier to transition between stories with auto-advance and swiping to skip ahead. They’ve also launched Chat 2.0, which enables sending audio, photo, and video chats to friends, as well as—and this is big—enabling real-time video chats. Quite the upgrade. Its full details are here.


Twitter: With this latest update, the micro-blogging platform expanded its character count by enabling what they call “alt text.” This is essentially the ability to add up to 420-character captions to your photos. It addresses an accessibility issue for those who are visually impaired and can’t see photos in their feed, but is also a great way to expand you your tweets. As a photographer, I’m interested to see how this one goes. You can read more about it here.


Instagram: Not one week after announcing their new algorithm for your feed (This caused people—especially in the photograph world—are losing their minds over. But it doesn’t seem like the end of the world to me, and Gary Vee agrees.) it’s surprising to see something else new from Instagram. This time, though, I don’t think the world will stop to collectively complain. Instead, it might rejoice in the fact that the photo/video platform is expanding its maximum video time from 10 seconds to 60. Over the past six months the time spent watching video on Instagram has increased by 40 percent. That’s pretty huge. So this update is an answer to that demand. And the fact that it’s bringing back the capability to stitch together multiple videos from your camera roll makes it seem like they’re trying to capture the storytelling style of Snapchat. Maybe location filters are coming next. . . . Read more about the update here.

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Like most of you, I’m on all of these platforms, so hit me up and let’s be friends.

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