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My Year That Was

I don’t think I’ve ever written something to sum up a year in my life before, and I feel like I kind of abandoned this blog a few months back. But now that it’s officially 2012, maybe I’ll start out by doing something new, and reviving something old, even though my eyes are the only [...]

Interview at Ampersand Books

Christopher Katz and the folks at Ampersand Books were kind enough to interview me on their blog recently. Some of the topics discussed include book design, ebooks, Steven Soderberg’s Schitzopolis, and Monkeybicycle. If you have a few minutes and some interest, check it out here. Thanks to Chris and Ampersand! Tags: Ampersand, Book Design, Design, [...]


Working in graphic design usually means managing large files. That’s the case for me, anyway. As the designer of several publishing imprints, space fills up pretty quickly on my hard drive. It’s to the point now where I’m at capacity and preparing to delete a lot of things in order to move forward. Going back [...]

30 Covers, 30 Days

The great Office of Letters and Light is smack dab in the middle of their 30 Covers, 30 Days project. The gist of this is that 30 NaNoWriMo authors were selected to participate, and they provide the title and synopsis of their project, and then OLL‘s incredibly dreamy collection of designers–including greats (and some of [...]

Further Adventures in the Restless Universe

Today the Huffington Post is running an article called 21 of the Coolest Book Covers This Year. Among those listed are titles designed by some of the industry’s best: Barbara De Wilde, Allison Saltzman, and Rodrigo Corral, to name a few. Clicking through the slideshow I found myself getting very inspired. There are so many [...]

Why I Missed Writing About This Week’s Episode of Mad Men, and an Interview with the Great John Gall.

I wanted to write a post about Sunday’s episode of Mad Men–how we saw the return of some great characters; how Don continues a lonely, downward spiral; how Bobby’s lines rival those of Roger Sterling–but due to some monumental computer problems and a day of travel, I fell behind. Now, I think it’s a little [...]