Interview at Ampersand Books

Christopher Katz and the folks at Ampersand Books were kind enough to interview me on their blog recently. Some of the topics discussed include book design, ebooks, Steven Soderberg’s [...]


Movie Review: Hanna

FInally got a chance to see Hanna in the theater. I’d been excited about this film because even from the trailer I could tell there was a much different feel to it than most things out [...]


For the Animals Sanctuary

It took me a little while to go vegan. I was a vegetarian for about seven years, and a very conscious carnivore for a few years after that. I’d always had something inside telling me that I [...]


Cover That Mug!

Has anyone else noticed a trend in type-over-the-face movie posters recently? Seeing the new one-sheet for Thor over the weekend got me to thinking about it a bit.   I can remember seeing a [...]


Mitt Romney and Aquafresh

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney unveiled his new logo today. Apparently, it’s remarkably similar to the Aquafresh logo. I can see the resemblance when I look at it. But to get a real sense [...]


The B.S. Report

I used to be a pretty big sports fan. From my time in high school throughout my mid-twenties, I played both hockey and basketball on local teams, and I even played a little weekend baseball every [...]


Guess the Designer Baby

I’m a little late to this, but Design Observer has been running baby photos of designers in a lead-up to Mother’s Day next month. Today’s image is the last one and it looks like [...]